Crescent Dogs @Pillsbury Recipe

I recently was looking for some ideas for dinners to make my family, I came across the Pillsbury website and it is filled with delicious recipe ideas. I tried the Crescent Dogs first as It was the middle of the week and seemed easy and simple. The recipe was easy to follow and my family liked them. I will be trying different recipes from their site, I find it just my style for ideas and ease of cooking.





Recipe tried from @ricardocuisine

I recently tried the Beef Stroganoff recipe from Ricardo Cuisine ( and it was delicious! I am trying to use the crockpot more but find things taste similar.. Not this recipe it has restored my excitement for the crockpot and reminded me there is so many things you can make that tastes great. My family loved the egg noodles the only change I made was I used a non alcoholic wine and no mushrooms. I will be making this recipe again and can’t wait to try more from the site.


Potato Kielbasa Skillet used from @fooddotcom

I am trying my best to improve my cooking skills, I enjoy eating and don’t mind cooking.. I am just not that great at it. So I am trying my hand at different recipes. I recently made the Potato Kielbasa Skillet recipe ( It was easy and delicious I found the recipe filling and hearty and most importantly it was a hit with the family, I thought it was a perfect cool day recipe that turned out great!