Crescent Dogs @Pillsbury Recipe

I recently was looking for some ideas for dinners to make my family, I came across the Pillsbury website and it is filled with delicious recipe ideas. I tried the Crescent Dogs first as It was the middle of the week and seemed easy and simple. The recipe was easy to follow and my family liked them. I will be trying different recipes from their site, I find it just my style for ideas and ease of cooking.





Stuffing Burgers recipe from @Tealeth922 blog @kraftcanada

I came home one night and was perplexed on what to make for dinner, I came across an old blog posting from @tealeth922  I had a box of Stove Top Stuffing in my fridge a package of ground beef some garlic and thought why not… The burgers turned out great!! My family loved them. I didn’t follow the recipe exact as I was limited on ingredients but this is what I did.

I poured a box of stuffing into a bowl and added the water I let it sit for the suggested 10 minutes, I then added a clove of garlic and the ground beef. I shaped them into patties turned on the griddle and cooked them for about 5 min per side and added a slice of Kraft Cheese at the end to melt over them. Both my husband and daughter thought they were great.

So thank you @Tealeth922 for an oldie but a goodie blog posting!!

I plan on using the left over patties for a recipe tonight which I will post tomorrow.