Stuffing Burgers recipe from @Tealeth922 blog @kraftcanada

I came home one night and was perplexed on what to make for dinner, I came across an old blog posting from @tealeth922  I had a box of Stove Top Stuffing in my fridge a package of ground beef some garlic and thought why not… The burgers turned out great!! My family loved them. I didn’t follow the recipe exact as I was limited on ingredients but this is what I did.

I poured a box of stuffing into a bowl and added the water I let it sit for the suggested 10 minutes, I then added a clove of garlic and the ground beef. I shaped them into patties turned on the griddle and cooked them for about 5 min per side and added a slice of Kraft Cheese at the end to melt over them. Both my husband and daughter thought they were great.

So thank you @Tealeth922 for an oldie but a goodie blog posting!!

I plan on using the left over patties for a recipe tonight which I will post tomorrow.




Dog Shampoo for flaky skin @gardenweb @dial

I have a chocolate lab that get flaky skin, I came across this blog and tried it, I used 1/2 cup dial body wash and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Our lab came out soft and smelling great, I was impressed with the results and will be washing her again with this solution. I used all sorts of shampoos to get her to smell fresh and I will be going back to this solution which is much cheaper and has way better results.

Root Rescue @LOrealParisCAN review

I had highlights done on my hair at a salon and unfortunately my grey roots come through pretty fast the highlights are still there, so I decided to use Root Rescue by L’Oreal to save me a trip and try to get a longer wear out of my highlights. The product worked great! It matched my hair and I am very happy with the outcome, I will be using this product again in the future.


Palmolive Coconut Butter Soft Touch DishSoap Review @colgate


I recently purchased the Palmolive Coconut Butter Soft Touch dish soap and I was drawn to it from the wonderful smell. It is the middle of winter here freezing outside and the smell of the coconut with the warm water for the dishes is very pleasant. I love that it feels so silky the dishes looked clean, it was not harsh and I really like the product. I will be buying it again and recommend it to others.

Review on @keurig coffee maker

 I won a Keurig coffee maker at my daughters school Christmas fundraiser. I am very happy with the coffee maker I have never owned a Keurig and am very pleased with it. It is simple fast and easy to use. There seems to be a large variety of drinks that I can purchase and try. I have only tried the sample pack of coffee that it came with but plan on purchasing more. My overall opinion on the Keurig is positive.


Love my daughters @BogsFootwear


It is super cold here in Southern Ontario today, and it made me think how thankful I am for my daughters Bogs, I purchased her a pair two years ago and when she out grew them I never thought twice about another kind of winter boot. My daughter never complains her feet are cold they are so easy for her to pull on and off. Today on the walk to school it was approximately -33 with the wind chill here. They live up to the expectation in warmth durability and style. I find that Bogs are worth every penny I have never had a problem with them and this is going on three years and two pairs. Just a little shout out that in this cold bitter day thanks to Bogs they keep my daughter’s feet warm and dry!

Nutella Placemats @EllaNutellaCDN


I recently purchased a jar of nutella and it had a sticker on the lid for 4 free placements, I sent away for the placements and was pleased with them. My 8 year old daughter loves them she plays with them while I make dinner she likes the activities on the back. I haven’t tried the recipes that are on the front of the placements but they look delish. Thank you to Nutella for the free placements.