Planning the trip

So far for our trip out west I have made a plan to dive about 9 hours a day with 2 or 3 stops along the route. Ontario is huge it is going to take us 2 days to hit our next province. I plan on stopping at Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. I have not picked out a camp-ground yet but am looking for something close to the hwy. If you have any suggestions please let me know!


Camping across Canada

Since we decided to take this journey I have been researching everything from tents to camp-sites to camping equipment to recipes. There is so much planning. I admit I love planning trips I love looking at different options to dreaming then coming back to reality and sticking to a budget. I have not purchased anything yet and have a pretty tight budget we need to stick to. I will update as we purchase items and review them before and during our trip. Any suggestions would be awesome we do plan on taking the Trans Canada most of way. Our trip will consistent of 2 adults 1 9 year old and a dog.

Canada Journey the Beginning Plans

I have taken a long leave from blogging my family and I have suffered some loss since June and are planning to travel from Ontario to British Columbia for my father in laws memorial. I also lost my mother unexpectedly in June and its been a roller coaster of emotions. I think this trip across Canada is what we need and something we are looking forward to . We have flown out west but never driven our land. We plan on taking 5 days to get from Southern Ontario to the Okanagan in Birtish Columbia spending 5 days and taking 6 days on our return. We have never camped and plan on do so every night. This is a journey of a lifetime I’m sure with ups and downs. We are really looking forward to exploring Canada its something I’ve never done and figure now is a perfect time as life is short and Canada is beautiful.