Dog Shampoo for flaky skin @gardenweb @dial

I have a chocolate lab that get flaky skin, I came across this blog and tried it, I used 1/2 cup dial body wash and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Our lab came out soft and smelling great, I was impressed with the results and will be washing her again with this solution. I used all sorts of shampoos to get her to smell fresh and I will be going back to this solution which is much cheaper and has way better results.


Root Rescue @LOrealParisCAN review

I had highlights done on my hair at a salon and unfortunately my grey roots come through pretty fast the highlights are still there, so I┬ádecided to use Root Rescue by L’Oreal to save me a trip and try to get a longer wear out of my highlights. The product worked great! It matched my hair and I am very happy with the outcome, I will be using this product again in the future.