Recipe tried from @ricardocuisine

I recently tried the Beef Stroganoff recipe from Ricardo Cuisine ( and it was delicious! I am trying to use the crockpot more but find things taste similar.. Not this recipe it has restored my excitement for the crockpot and reminded me there is so many things you can make that tastes great. My family loved the egg noodles the only change I made was I used a non alcoholic wine and no mushrooms. I will be making this recipe again and can’t wait to try more from the site.



Potato Kielbasa Skillet used from @fooddotcom

I am trying my best to improve my cooking skills, I enjoy eating and don’t mind cooking.. I am just not that great at it. So I am trying my hand at different recipes. I recently made the Potato Kielbasa Skillet recipe ( It was easy and delicious I found the recipe filling and hearty and most importantly it was a hit with the family, I thought it was a perfect cool day recipe that turned out great!


Girls World Magazine


I recently purchased Girls world magazine for my 8 year old daughter and she loves it! It has everything from crafts to recipes to teen stars. She loves the posters and the wide range of topics, I find this is not a magazine that you skim through once and move on she wants to try all the activities and really enjoys the content. I would recommend this magazine for any girl around her age. I found a website link ( on their Facebook page ( but was unable to open it for some reason. The only thing is I think the contests are for the USA only and my daughter wont be able to enter as she lives in Canada that is my only negative aspect, I will be subscribing to this magazine for my daughter as a Christmas Present. It looks like it is only published 6 times a year but will be something my daughter will look forward to I’m sure!

National Womens Show Toronto #NWSToronto


I have been attending the National Women’s show for years now, and still keep returning. I enjoy the show the time spent with friends the free giveaways and shows throughout the day. This year I could not get the weekend off to go so I took my daughter out of school for the day and we went. We had a great time, We made sure we arrived early so we could get our free giveaway bags which had great items in it as well as a reusable bag. I ended up winning a Women’s show t-shirt at the show which was awesome in fact I’m wearing the shirt as I type this. There was a lot of free travel booths there to answer any questions you may have, there was a ton of food samples for you to try, We ended up getting 10.00 manicures from Bio Gel and loved it. My daughter is a huge food network fan it is her “go to” station when watching TV, on that Friday Roger Mooking happened to be a guest so we made sure we stayed and watched him My daughter was thrilled at watching him cook live, he was kind enough to take a photo with her afterwards. Overall I had a great time at the show and will go again next year.