Halloween Thoughts

I used the free Halloween pumpkin templates found at KOA campgrounds (www.koa.com) I found them easy to use, and really like the way our pumpkins came out. I have stayed at a KOA campground before in Montreal and out east Canada and found them to be clean and nice, We stayed in a basic cabin as we didn’t at the time plan to camp. Next year I am planning on going out east and will consider using them we have never been “tent” camping before so this will be a whole new experience for us…and if I change my mind between now and then I can always “camp” in one of there deluxe cabins. Any pointers for camping out east would be really appreciated I have narrowed it down to wanting to camp in either PEI or Cape Breton. I have been to PEI before and found it a beautiful place, I lean towards going back as I know deep sea fishing is easily booked and enjoyable for the family. I remember when we went to Nova Scotia there was not a lot of fishing options.


Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones!!!

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