I am 36 years old with one child I am married and have dog, my dog eats better than me and is “organically fed” I try to feed the rest of my family the best but time and my cooking skills restrict this option. I used to be a travel agent and left to spend more time with my family I got a job at the hospital and find myself working every weekend instead of every  other weekend… I love to read, travel and attempt cooking. I am a Disney fan, Barbie fan. We collect Barbie’s and people think its odd my daughter keeps barbies in the box in her room, apparently the large eyesore of a tote filled with barbies isn’t enough, that the dog may or may not have chewed off a couple of limbs, we keep the boxed barbies away from the dog and her “artistic” abilities with the dolls. I do not live a perfect life, my house is usually messy there is always laundry to do, you can usually find my daughter and I on the couch at 8pm watching our favorite shows together. We may not be perfect but we are happy, laugh a lot and love life.

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