Halloween Thoughts

I used the free Halloween pumpkin templates found at KOA campgrounds (www.koa.com) I found them easy to use, and really like the way our pumpkins came out. I have stayed at a KOA campground before in Montreal and out east Canada and found them to be clean and nice, We stayed in a basic cabin as we didn’t at the time plan to camp. Next year I am planning on going out east and will consider using them we have never been “tent” camping before so this will be a whole new experience for us…and if I change my mind between now and then I can always “camp” in one of there deluxe cabins. Any pointers for camping out east would be really appreciated I have narrowed it down to wanting to camp in either PEI or Cape Breton. I have been to PEI before and found it a beautiful place, I lean towards going back as I know deep sea fishing is easily booked and enjoyable for the family. I remember when we went to Nova Scotia there was not a lot of fishing options.


Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones!!!


Fall time


Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the cool weather and the changing of leaves. Fall to me is like a fresh start to take out the old and bring in the new. I adore Fall clothes big chunky sweaters and jeans. I am not a fan of coats so this warmer the sweater the better. Fall makes me think of soups and casseroles warm Sunday dinners and pumpkin pie, I am a big fan of Christmas so I usually start to think about planning in the fall. I went to the Farmers Market this morning and although it is chilly and raining there was lots of fall veggies and apple cider. But Fall does mean Winter is on its way which the perk means Christmas and all the fun activities that go along with this season. I have been working a lot lately and have not had a chance to go pumpkin picking yet, a yearly traditional a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch each of us picks a pumpkin and heads home to carve or paint our creation. Do you have a favorite part of the fall season?

Dog lost hair and is so much better now.


We have a chocolate lab who started to lose all her hair after we switched to a dog food that was a “premium” food. We took her to the vet who prescribed a oatmeal and kangaroo food and gave her some meds. Her hair didn’t grow back. After some online research I choose to go with Natural Balance Dog Food ( http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/) Our dog is now 4 years old now it took some time but she has her hair back and overall is doing better. I would highly recommend the dog food. She still does have flaky skin which I haven’t been able to solve but overall she did so much better once we switched her over and I can’t see us ever switching again.

KHT Montesorri


I recently came across a contest located at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2013/10/10/giveaway-kht-montessori-12-month-online-course-and-12-albums/ . I myself started out in Montessori school, I visited the website and think this sounds like a great course to enhance the Montessori teachings. I have often thought of going down this path. The website states it is an online course and the contest comes with manuals to help you in the future. It looks like an interesting course with flexibility to fit your lifestyle. I wish everyone luck in the contest!!

Las Vegas Wedding

wedding_gazeboI was recently helping a friend plan a wedding in Las Vegas, when It brought me back to 10 years ago, when I was planning my own Destination Wedding. We went over several options of where to get married and choose Las Vegas. I really enjoyed going over the different venues and package options. We planned our wedding in Canada and never set eyes on the venue until the day of our wedding. 10 years later and I still love the thought of our wedding. It was a perfect day to celebrate with a small group of friends and family. We finally choose the Flamingo outdoor chapel and I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a beautiful intimate setting. I came across this website http://www.lasvegas.com/planning-tools/weddings/venues/ and found it helpful, there is so many choices for venues and services. It was so simple and not for everyone, but personally I wouldn’t change a thing about that day.

My thoughts on Girl Guides of Canada

Today I am sharing my thoughts on the Girl Guides, I was once a Girl Guide myself a brownie I loved gathering each week with my other group of friends and do fun stuff. When my daughter wanted to join I was excited for her. She started out with Sparks and they did fun things were in a parade visited the fire station. She is in her second year of Brownies and is still excited to go each week. Last year she went Horseback riding and overnight camping, sold cookies at the mall did plenty of crafts and overall pure clean fun each week. I feel the group empowers young women to feel good about being a girl, they from my own personal point of view offer encouragement of good value and old fashioned fun.